Moon Berries are:

An exhilarating ukulele duo swinging in grandpa's high-waisted pants.

Charlotte Pelgen and Sage Harrington approach well-loved jazz standards with a gentle reverence, a full set of ukuleles, and a sense of humor, unearthing gems of songs written a lifetime ago while energizing the form with their own songwriting. Their playful arrangements have caught the attention of perspicacious listeners the world over.


Tour dates

Summer 2023:

22 July
Freiburger Museumsnacht
Freiburg, Germany

27 July
Prisma Folkclub
Pforzheim, Germany
❉ with Ukulelezaza

30 July - 6 August
Wolfstein, Germany
✦ workshops by Charlotte Pelgen and Sage Harrington

19 August
Göttinger Ukulelefest
Göttingen, Germany
❉ with Ukulelezaza

Autumn 2023:

2 September
Private concert
Leipzig, Germany
contact for coordinates:

30 September
Internationaler deutsch-tschechischer Tag der Ukulele
Neunburg vorm Wald, Germany

21 October
Tübinger Jazz- & Klassiktage
Nehren, Germany

past shows

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moon berries

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