Moon Berries are:

An exhilarating ukulele duo swinging in grandpa's high-waisted pants.

Charlotte Pelgen and Sage Harrington approach well-loved jazz standards with a gentle reverence, a full set of ukuleles, and a sense of humor, unearthing gems of songs written a lifetime ago while energizing the form with their own songwriting. Their playful arrangements have caught the attention of perspicacious listeners the world over.


Tour dates

Winter 2023

8 February 
Groningen, Netherlands
❉ with Ukulelezaza

9 February
't Pakhuis
Vianen, Netherlands
❉ with Ukulelezaza

11 February
Proeflokaal de Riddert
Rotterdam, Netherlands
❉ with Ukulelezaza

12 February
Ukulele sur Meuse
Liège, Belgium
❉ with Ukulelezaza

14 February
Missy Sippy
Ghent, Belgium
❉ with Ukulelezaza

26 February
Café de La Fontaine
Verlinghem, France
✧ with Sancho of Ukuleleboboys

4 March, 11:11am
Centre Culturel de Lesquin
Lesquin, France

5 March
La Canopée
Lille, France

22 April
Einbeck, Germany 
❉ with Ukulelezaza

9 May
Hula Club
Basel, Switzerland
❉ with Ukulelezaza

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"What a Night for Moon Berries!" contains eleven toe-tapping, heart-warming, tear-jerking vintage numbers, including never-before-released songs composed by Sage and Charlotte.

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